percussion world duo




A feast of sound featuring a number of instruments with a variety of musical roots in different cultures around the world.

A rich rhythmic dialogue, an exchange between East and West. A sample of different techniques for playing these instruments with the personal touch of two experienced percussionists.

A concert in which participation is encouraged. An extensive and colourful repertoire, evoking the landscapes of Brazil, Africa, India and the East, seasoned with flamenco, imagination and creativity. Communication with the audience and an educational focus are the key objectives and priorities of this show.




Repercussió Canet 2013

Repercussió Canet 2009

Canary Islands. 2008

Bar Badalona.

Adult Education Centre ‘Els Tarongers’. Mataró. 2006

Arenys de Mar. Calisay. 2007

Bar Poli Esportiu. Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Buddhist Centre. Barcelona.

Museum of Gava.

Mataró. Centre Cívic.

Caldes d'Estrac. 2003

Masnou. Archaeological Museum.

L'Oriola Music School. Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

Clap. Mataró.

Olesa Montserrat.

Llinas. Festa popular.

Library of Llinas.

River Café. Lleida. Festa intercultural. 1997

Amics música, Argentona Town Hall. 1996

Centre Cívic Ciutat Meridiana. 1995

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